Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Check Out McCord Cemetery on Find A Grave

I highly recommend that anyone with an interest in the McCord Cemetery check out the "virtual" cemetery at the Find A Grave website ( Our extraordinary volunteers have been working overtime to create what is perhaps the most well-documented cemetery on this popular website. Jeanne has posted a memorial for every known burial at McCord (all 261!), many with headstone photos, biographies and/or obituaries. A very special "thank you" goes to Lemar and Linda for the photography. With some of the older stones starting to deteriorate, their photographs help preserve these images for all time. When genealogist have questions about birth or death dates, there's nothing like seeing it "set in stone!"

Linda & Lemar at McCord, standing behind the stones for Joseph Thompson Williams (1818-1894) and his wife Drusilla Ann Knight (1829-1873). I had given up ever finding these headstones! Many thanks to Linda & Lemar!

To locate McCord at Find A Grave, you can click on this link ( or simply go to and click on "search for a cemetery" and enter McCord, Illinois, Montgomery County. From there, you can enter a specific name you are looking for, or browse through all of the burials at McCord.

I hope that other family history researchers can find a long-sought "treasure" here like I did!

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  1. As the coordinator of the McCord Cemetery interments at Find-A-Grave, I can't say how pleased I am with the efforts of Linda Collins & Lemar Hartman. Both have supplied much-needed photos that preserve these cemetery markers in time before the weather can cause more damage to the inscriptions or stones. Lemar has been steadily researching obituaries and old newspaper items that are being posted at the site also, providing biographical information on the individuals buried at McCord. As I learn more about these individuals, I am continually impressed at the historical significance of their accomplishments that made Irving what it is today, and by the many veterans of many wars that made it possible for our existing freedoms. If anyone has photos or other information of those interred at McCord, please share with us so we can add this information to the memorials. Jeanne Johnson