Friday, October 30, 2009

8 Days to Meeting in Irving

The 1st meeting of Restore McCord is coming up in just 8 days! I can't wait to meet other people who share our interest in restoring this historic cemetery. I'm also hoping to meet some people who have already contributed their time and/or money to our cause. It'll be great to thank them in person!

This may be our first meeting, but the work is already well underway. So much has been accomplished! Just look at some "before & after" photos that demonstrate how the cemetery has been cleared of brush and brambles. (Photos courtesy of Lemar Hartman.)

August 2009

October 2009


  1. hey that is impressive! lookin' like a real cemetery again already!


  2. Yes, we will actually be able to get in there, photograph the headstones and search for toppled stones. It's a big first step in the process.